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Swimming, Meditation, Sunshine & The Sacred Six ~ Simple time efficient Lunch break exercise tips
3 Power Burn Bike riding positions
Amazing moments whether it be food or smiles or acts of genuine kindness in the Thai people.
7 Day Discovery Challenge!
Discover what you really want with your life!
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The Biggest Myth is that you have to be 65 to retire. WE are living proof you don't have to be!
Route 66 Adventures
We're turning the corner of life and we are now heading to route 66. Having completed 65 successful years in our lives.
Go Forth and Prosper… According to the True Laws of Abundance.
Peter Stone

Master Coach and Consultant 

Challenge. Courage. Pain. Persistence. Pleasure. Profiting from Life's journey of Up's and Down's. Speed bumps, Freefalls, Walls, Party, the treacherous Ocean, Pavement, and Trees! All have served me on the Downside to get to the upside.

The Art of turning Pain into Pleasure.

The Total Life Freedom Plan

The Total Life Freedom Plan
Gain Control of your Retirement Life and Retire with Complete Confidence.

Advanced Consulting Services

Building business, solving the biggest challenges and taking businesses to the next level for over 50 years. Looking from the outside in has given me a perspective and value proposition that the business owner is unable to fully evaluate. Often it is one of 3 moves or all 3 moves, that propels a business to the next level breaking through to that desired 8-figure ceiling.

Where do you want to be in the next 3 years?

Mind Management

Mind Management (M2) Monthly
Mind management is a POWERFUL tool you already own. I will teach you effective shortcuts to strategies and habits I learned to create MASSIVE CHANGE. You can too. Learn small actions that add up to BIG change. You’ll be amazed how fast this works when you make it a simple study.


I use, market and sell a very advanced health technology that is 10 to 15 years ahead of its time. Any health challenge that you can think of... we are seeing just remarkable results.

A few simple natural health tips

The Thai Day
No matter where you are or what you are doing, there is always a special energy, joy and fascinatingly different, yet amazing moments whether it be food or smiles or acts of genuine kindness in the Thai people.

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